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Replacement Custom Size Blue Humidifier Wick Filters

Nantong Deli replacement wick humidifier filter absorbs moisture like a sponge and allows air to move through and saturate the air.



  • Nantong Deli replacement wick humidifier filter absorbs moisture like a sponge and allows air to move through and saturate the air. This process is often referred to as 'cool mist', where a fan pushes air across the filter element and increases the humidity in the room. If you have water with a lot of minerals (hard water) the filter will help prevent white dust from appearing on surrounding surfaces. The antimicrobial attributes also reduces the changes of bacterial growth that can damage your equipment or make you sick.


    Part Name

    Replacement Humidifier Wick Filters for Philips AC4080 AC4081

    Part NO.


    To Fit

    For Philips AC4080 AC4081




    Blue (Customized)


    Absorbent Paper and Anti-Bacterial Coating

    Special Properties

    Prevents the Release of Calcium, Kills Germs, Viruses and Fungi



    A Wick Filter is an essential component of a humidifier that helps to maintain the purity of the air in your home or office. It is a replaceable filter made of high-quality materials that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold while ensuring optimal air quality.

    The wick filter works by absorbing water from the humidifier's reservoir, which is then distributed evenly into the air through evaporation. As the water evaporates, it increases the humidity levels in the room, making it more comfortable and healthier for you to breathe.

    Wick filters come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the type and model of the humidifier. They are typically made of natural or synthetic materials, such as paper, foam, or cotton. Some wick filters are treated with anti-bacterial agents to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

    Replacing the wick filter regularly is crucial to maintain the efficiency of your humidifier and ensure that it continues to produce clean and healthy air. A worn-out or dirty wick filter can harbor bacteria and mold, which can cause respiratory problems and allergies.

    In conclusion, a Wick Filter is an important part of any humidifier, as it helps to regulate the humidity levels in your home or office and promotes healthy breathing. It is important to choose a quality wick filter and replace it regularly to ensure that your humidifier functions properly and provides you with clean and healthy air.



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