Brand Service

Brand Service

Supply Chain

Based on brand service, so we will integrate supply chain to match brand operation efficiency through complete industry chain service.

Resource integration of Jima Group and its supply chain, such as Formula development,canning machine, bottle blowing machine, canning line, packaging container, canning OEM, ingredients.

Complete above goals by following:

Completed supply chain:

Our supply chain covers all beverage ingredients through the integration of existing resources.

Value-added service:

In order to improve the brand service, we cover, brand design, packaging design, Types of beverage container, form and other features to improve the quality of service.

Expert service:

Through our professional level, and experts to develop the formula and unique, to meet the unique requirements of the brand in taste.

Filling area integration and cost optimization:

Through the integration of our canning resources in different regions, transportation costs and quality risks are reduced.

New brand testing and feasibility:

Flexible service, through the unique industrial chain, test market, optimization of minimum order quantity and cost of brand test.

Brand Service

Research & development Service

We use innovative ingredients to develop unique ingredients and formulas to meet the needs of the brand, including: taste, health; Through our expert advanced technology, combined with existing natural ingredients to achieve a healthy, delicious taste; We guarantee that we will continue to improve our expertise, discover and introduce new technologies, in order to improve your reasonable and innovative solutions; If you have a new idea for a product, through our Product Development Center, you can work with food processing experts to develop and design the best production methods.

Brand Service

Global Sourcing

1. We cooperate with different orchards and farms around the world to provide natural and delicious juice; Every effort is made to ensure that access to the best natural raw materials is prioritized in a sustainable manner. Together with our global fruit and vegetable partners, we set great stores by vertical integration with consistent quality standards and our own processing facilities on site, all over the world.

2. We address transportation cost and quality risks through resource integration with bottling plants around the world and regional planning; By resource integration, JIMA Bio can improve the industrial chain, and with better match global sourcing, we can provide you with the best service.

Brand Service

Ingredient Systems

Choose the ideal ingredient systems

We have two formulation models available

1. The customer will provide the list of raw materials, and we will cooperate with the supply chain to control the total cost for you, and finally achieve the purpose of matching finished products

2. The customer provides mixed formula raw materials, which require us to reprocess to achieve the purpose of factory delivery and mass production;

Either way, we provide you with a batching system where products can be filled and applied instantly, and precisely adapted to the requirements of your production equipment. Our ingredients system contains all the ingredients you need for your production - precisely matched to each other and tailored to your production process. Using our batching system, you can greatly simplify your own production process. The finished product contains all the active ingredients you need for your drink. In addition, we provide you with a comprehensive service from the initial product idea to filling.


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