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Humidifier Wick Filter Compatible with Sharp FZ Y30MFE and FU-Z31Y Humidifier Parts

Nantong Deli replacement wick humidifier filter absorbs moisture like a sponge and allows air to move through and saturate the air.



  • Nantong Deli replacement wick humidifier filter absorbs moisture like a sponge and allows air to move through and saturate the air. This process is often referred to as 'cool mist', where a fan pushes air across the filter element and increases the humidity in the room. If you have water with a lot of minerals (hard water) the filter will help prevent white dust from appearing on surrounding surfaces. The antimicrobial attributes also reduces the changes of bacterial growth that can damage your equipment or make you sick.


    Part Name

    High Performence Humidifier Wick Filter Parts Replacement for Sharp FZ Y30MFE and  FU- Z31Y

    Part NO.


    To Fit

    For Sharp Models KC 930E, 930Y FZY 30MFE, FZ Y30MFE, KC 930E atau KC 930E, FU-Z31Y, FU-Y30EFU-Z31E KC-Y180SW/KC-GD10-W, KC-930Y.




    Green (Customized)


    Non-woven Fabric

    Special Properties

    * It is Proved to Capture 99.8% of Large Airborne Particles and Allergens Like Pollen, Mold and Dust Mite Debris.
    * This Filter is Absolutely Essential for Allergy Sufferers Designed to Filter Smoke, Dust, Pet Dander,Pollen.
    * Mold Pores, Fabric and other Allergen Air Borne Elements, Keeping the Fresh Air from Being Polluted and Prevent the Secondary Pollution.


    1PC/ Box  (Customized)

    The Long-Lasting Humidifier Wick is an exceptional accessory designed to provide sustained moisture and superior performance in your humidifier. With its extended lifespan and efficient water absorption capabilities, this high-quality wick ensures consistent humidity levels, promoting a healthier and more comfortable indoor atmosphere.

    Crafted with longevity in mind, this humidifier wick is constructed from durable and high-absorption materials. It effectively absorbs water from the humidifier's tank and gradually releases moisture into the air, preventing dryness and maintaining optimal humidity levels. The extended lifespan of the wick minimizes the frequency of replacements, allowing for hassle-free and uninterrupted humidification.

    In addition to its long-lasting performance, this humidifier wick features antimicrobial properties that help inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. This ensures clean and hygienic moisture distribution, providing relief from dry skin, sinus congestion, and other respiratory discomforts.

    Installing the Long-Lasting Humidifier Wick is simple and straightforward. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to replace the old wick with the new one. Regular maintenance and cleaning are recommended to maximize the wick's efficiency and ensure optimal moisture output for a healthier and more enjoyable living environment.



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