Main features of electrostatic filters

1) The processing volume of flue gas is large and the fluid resistance of the equipment is low. Generally, the flue gas treatment volume of a single electrostatic filter ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, or even more than 1 million cubic meters per hour. The processing capacity of foreign large electrostatic filters per hour is as high as more than 2 million cubic meters per hour. The resistance through the electrostatic filter is generally only a few hundred Pascals.

2) Can handle high temperature flue gas. Since electrostatic filters are composed of metal components, they can adapt to high temperature environments and can generally handle flue gases below 400°C if the strength of the components allows. If it is operated at a lower temperature, the flue gas temperature should be below 120°C. If it is operated at a high temperature, the flue gas temperature should be above 350°C.

3) It has good adaptability to flue gas concentration and particle size dispersion. Generally, the inlet concentration range of the electrostatic filter is 10-30g/m3. If the dust concentration is very high, a pre-filtration device can be installed in front of the electrostatic filter; It can capture dust particles of different sizes below 100 μm, especially fine dust particles of 0.1-5 μm or even 0.01 μm, and has a high capturing ability.


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