What is the correct way to use the air purifier?

I believe that many people have now realized that air quality is rapidly declining. In this case, some people have also realized the importance of health, so they attach great importance to the cleanliness of the air. Living conditions are getting cleaner, and they will use air purifiers at home. But not everyone can operate in this way, and they are likely to misunderstand some of them, so this article will tell you how to use the air purifier properly.

First, open and run in advance

For most people who use air purifiers in their homes, they usually turn on the air purifier first after coming home from work, but it is too late to turn on the purifier at this time, because the purifier is purifying the air. At that time, if you want to run from the beginning until you reach the highest frame effect, you still need to go through a long process at this time, so if you need to use the purifier, you must control it through your mobile phone just after work. Purifiers, let them start running, so you can directly breathe clean air when you get home.so you can directly breathe clean air when you get home.

Second, it is best not to use it intermittently

Because some people think that the air in a room is enough for one person to breathe for a long time, so after using the air purifier for a while, they feel that the purifier has completely purified the air in the entire room. Time is enough for a period of time, so they will turn off the purifier temporarily, but the air quality will continue to decline during this process, so if you use the purifier intermittently, there is no way to guarantee that you can Breathe clean air at all times, which will cause the function and function of the purifier to be greatly reduced.

Third, don't use it when opening windows

If a person stays in a closed air for a long time, even if there are too few dust particles in the air, it is also unhealthy, because it is likely to breed some bacteria and viruses, so it is necessary to open the window regularly to ventilate. Can maintain the freshness of the internal space, but do not open the window when using the air purifier, if you really need to open the window, then you can open the window once a day, and you should turn off the purifier at this time, after all When the window is opened, the purifier has no way to effectively purify the indoor air.

Fourth, there must be a certain distance from the wall

During the operation of the air purifier, it first sucks some dirty air in the air into the purifier, and then effectively filters the air through various methods such as filtration or adsorption, but at this time, it must be ensured that the purifier and the There must be a certain distance between the walls, generally more than one meter or more. Only in this way can the ventilation effect of the purifier be ensured, and thus the ideal purification efficiency can be achieved.

With the continuous improvement of people's income level, many people now use air purifiers, but they do not operate according to the correct method, so the role of this purifier can not be fully exerted, but if you can The use of these methods mentioned above will definitely create a clean, safe and hygienic environment.


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