Is the Air you Breathe safe???

We breathe (approx) 30,000 times a day!

What is IAQ? 

Look around you! Think your room is safe and germ-free? Think again! The silent enemy is in your air. Dust, allergens, and even germs are floating around. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the air quality within and around buildings and structures. A normal human spends 90% time of the day in indoor spaces, which includes offices, gyms, cafes and cafeterias and obviously our homes. Lack of proper ventilation traps pollutants, including germs, in indoor spaces, increasing the risk of exposure and respiratory problems. According to WHO, about 7 million people die every year as a result of indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Bad indoor air costs world $5.11 trillion yearly.

Studies show machinery operating in dusty environments can accelerate bearing wear by up to 400% leading to increased maintenance costs and shortened lifespans. From keyboards and cash registers to manufacturing machinery, protect your office's vital organs from unseen dust and germs.

Poor IAQ can leave you gasping for energy and vitality!!!

Is your concentration level measured in seconds, not minutes? Feeling like a walking allergy pill? 

According to WHO, around 50% of all respiratory illnesses are attributed to poor indoor air quality. 

Researchers at the NTU, Singapore, found that students performed 12% better when the level of VOCs in the room was decreased by 72%. Airborne assassins on the loose! Don't let your health deteriorate.

Poor SBS costs employers an average of $177 per employee per year.

Imagine entering a building and suddenly feeling unwell – headaches, fatigue, eye irritation, even respiratory problems, all for no apparent reason. This could be a glimpse of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), a condition where occupants of a building suffer from chronic, non-specific health problems that improve when they leave the building. A study by the Healthy Buildings Council estimated that poor IAQ costs US businesses between $150 billion and $270 billion.

(SBS) affects 1 in 20 office workers globally.


  1. Persistent headaches, and fatigue, primarily when you are inside the building, but not when outside.

  2. Individuals with pre-existing skin conditions, experience skin-related issues, due to dust and germs in the environment.

  3. Poor ventilation traps pollutants, elevates humidity, and stifles air circulation, potentially harming health.

  4. Unexplained irritation, itching, burning and redness leading to other major problems.

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